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Budget Travel – Get Money Back On Online Travel Purchases

Have you ever wondered if you’re paying too much when you click “buy now” on those internet search engines for travel? Wouldn’t you like to get money back on those tickets or that hotel room if you do? Well, now it just might be possible.

There are search engines out there that are supposed to alert you when airfares or hotel prices drop. There are other sites that try to tell you whether they think the price will go up or down further… Hopefully they’re programmed to guess better than you

Budget Travel – Find Cheap Restaurants

When you’re visiting a strange country or city, how do you find cheap restaurants? Travel can get expensive, and whether you’re on a big budget or a tight one, you might not want to be eating at expensive restaurants every night.

We’re not necessarily talking “greasy spoons”…. Low budget food doesn’t have to be low on flavor. What you want to try to do is go where the locals go. This is often more fun too; you may even end up being the only tourists in the place. If you are, you’ll have way

Traveling On a Budget – You Need To Bargain

In most of the world you will need some bargaining tips. Whether you are planning to buy souvenirs or treasure on your vacation, in much of the world, the price tag is only the starting point for bargaining. Haggling and arguing over the price is expected and in many counties it is almost an art form.

First of all, you need to determine if bargaining is appropriate. In most big department stores in Europe and America it usually isn’t. In other counties, you might ask if the price is firm. In

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